Rondrit Midden-Limburg (B)



This tour takes you to Belgian-Central Limburg. You drive from Diepenbeek to Zolder (part 1) and back (part 2). If desired, you can take a break in brasserie De Pits with a view of the Terlaemen-Zolder race track. You will pass various – only paved – roads: large, small, picturesque, sometimes with beautiful houses, but also on various old roads from bygone rally times. The route consists only of the arrow, but with the well-known Flemish snags … A brief regulation for this tour is in the road book.

  • Starting location

    Hotel-brasserie de Ploeg
    Steenweg 184
    3590 Diepenbeek (Belgium)

  • Difficulty

    Touring class / Recreational

  • Time

    Approximately 3,5 hours

  • Distance

    Approximately 100 Kilometers

  • System

    Tulip system as defined by the “Vlaamse rittensport”

  • Created by

    Eddy Smeets –

Once you have installed Rallycheck on your smartphone, you can order and download a rally. Print the road book and drive the route at your convenience.

Below is an (partial) map of the route. The road book includes all the information needed to enjoy the route!