Version release Apple iOS

Rallycheck is being actively updated. This page shows the current and previous releases for the Apple iOS version.
Rallycheck is available for iOS and Android.
The most recent version is available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Apple Version 1.6.4 build 7.3 Release – 16 october 2020

  • Added – TC-Start control
  • Added – Ideal passage time per control (optional) including time window
  • Improved – User Interface for timers

Apple Version 1.6.3 build 7.0 Release – 20 september 2020

  • Added – support for miles per hour
  • Improved – communication with servers

Apple Version 1.6.2 build 6.7 Release – 24 july 2020

  • Improved – registration of a control which is passed en reencountered
  • Added – extra optimization of waypoint sync due to realm library bug

Apple Version 1.6.1 build 6.4 Release – 8 july 2020

  • Improved – backup of route controls

Apple Version 1.6.0 build 6.3 Release – 4 july 2020

  • Updated – initial GPS fix for some iOS versions when no rally is selected

Apple Version 1.5.9 build 6.2 Release – 2 july 2020

  • Improved user experience
  • Update async upload protocol
  • Added selection for changing volume when the app starts and the volume is under 40%

Apple Version 1.5.8 build 5.5 Release – 18 june 2020

  • Added Tripmaster function
  • Added resend email verification in “Settings” menu
  • Added resend phone verification in “Settings” menu
  • Updated reload of waypoints each time the app is started
  • Updated non dismissal of route control when a TC is detected from an incorrect bearing

Apple Version 1.5.7 build 5.1 Release – 20 march 2020

  • Updated selection for country code when registering account

Apple Version 1.5.6 Release – 10 march 2020

  • Added Class name on “Select Rally” page (when available)
  • Added Starting no. on “Select Rally” page (when available)
  • Added Starting no. and Class to header
  • Added participants name to header (when available and after clicking the header)
  • Updated database Database to show participants name, Class and Starting no.

Apple Version 1.5.5 build 4.6 Release – 13 february 2020

  • Added check voor correct driving direction when encountering a passage or time control
  • Updated padding of pop up controls for iPhones with notch interface
  • Multiple package updates (database, progress bar, images, fonts)

Apple Version 1.5.4 build 4.5 Release – 21 january 2020

  • Improved display of running TC time

Apple Version 1.5.3 build 4.4 Release – 14 january 2020

  • Added TC-IN
  • Added TC-FINISH
  • Improved registration of TC savetime
  • Technical updates of some program libraries

Apple Version 1.5.2 build 4.2 Release – 20 december 2019

  • Version number moved to the bottom of the menu screen
  • Added “Change Volume” to settings
  • Time Control (TC) function added
  • Compass icon now follows the direction of movement
  • Dynamic ons screen information added with the following data: Hit time, TC time, speed and instruction
  • Menu screen scaling improved for landscape and horizontal views
  • Text scaling improved for iOS 10
  • Network time out extended to 30 seconds
  • Passage controle scaling improved
  • Some technical improvements

Apple Version 1.5.1 build 4.0 Release – 3 december 2019

  • Updated selection for country code when registering account

Apple Version 1.5 build 3.9 Release – 23 november 2019

  • Added cancel button to route control

Apple Version 1.4 build 3.8 Release – 19 november 2019

  • Update rally status logic in source code
  • Update phone number selection for iOS 13
  • Update for iOS 13 dark mode
  • Updated notification icon
  • Improved check to prevent multiple showing of route controls
  • Enhanced communication to server, more smartphone information available
  • Updated new libraries for iOS 13
  • Added Appcenter analytics for enhanced error managment

Apple Version 1.3 build 3.1. Release – 10 september 2019

  • Countdown timer added to show remaining time for saving a RC
  • Rallies are listedin alphabetical order
  • Improved user interface
  • Rally always set to active when passing a RC

Apple Version 1.2 build 2.9 Release – 6 september 2019

  • Improved user interface
  • Improved user feedback
  • Improved iOS 10 support
  • Improved iOS 11 support

Apple Version 1.1 build 2.7  Release – 19 august 2019

  • Improved waypoint handeling
  • Improved timing when driving
  • Improved data handeling
  • Improved the user experience

Apple Version 1.0 build 2.7  Release – 15 august 2019

  • Initial release of iOS version of Rallycheck

Version release Android

Rallycheck is being actively updated. This page shows the current and previous releases for Android phones.
Rallycheck is available for iOS and Android.
The most recent version is available at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Android Version 0.2.51 Build 61 Release – 22 october 2020

  • Improved – user interface, upper and lowercase support

Android Version 0.2.50 Build 60 Release – 15 october 2020

  • Added – TC-Start control
  • Added – Ideal passage time per control (optional) including time window

Android Version 0.2.49 Build 58 Release – 17 september 2020

  • Added – support for miles per hour
  • Improved – selection of rally
  • Updated – message when no rallies kan be selected
  • Improved – communication with servers

Android Version 0.2.48 Build 53 Release – 17 july 2020

  • Added – support for international character sets for passage controls and instructions

Android Version 0.2.47 Build 52 Release – 1 july.2020

  • Improved – user experience

Android Version 0.2.46 Release – 18 june 2020

  • Added – tripmaster function
  • Added – resend email verification in “Settings” menu
  • Added – resend phone verification in “Settings” menu
  • Updated – non dismissal of route control when a TC is detected from an incorrect bearing

Android Version 0.2.45 Release – 10 march 2020

  • New icons (same as used in iOS)
    • Car icoon
    • Clear card
    • Home
    • Settings
    • Logout
  • Header the same as in iOS
  • Updated header with participants information after clicking on header (when available)
  • Updated header with Starting no. and Class
  • Bug-Fix waypoint sorting algorithm
  • Added Class name on “Select Rally” page (when available)
  • Added Starting no. on “Select Rally” page (when available)
  • Send app version with each call to server
  • Enlarged text “You have selected.. etc”
  • Disabled splitscreen posibility
  • Settings -> information is refreshed each time the page is viewed (restart app no longer necessary)

Android Version 0.2.44 Release – 25 february 2020

  • Bug fix added cancel button for all Finish controls
  • Improved registration of Longitude and Latitude coordinates in database

Android Version 0.2.43 Release – 12 february 2020

  • Added check voor correct driving direction when encountering a passage or time control

Android Version 0.2.42 Release – 21 january 2020

  • Improved display of running TC time
  • TC-FINISH is only visible in the TC zone

Android Version 0.2.41 Release – 14 january 2020

  • Added TC-IN
  • Added TC-FINISH
  • Send route logs to the servers using batch process

Android Version 0.2.40 Release – 19 december 2019

  • Time control (TC) function added
  • Dynamic ons screen information added with the following data: Hit time, TC time, speed and instruction
  • Passage controle on screen scaling improved
  • Some technical improvements

Android Version 0.2.39 Release – 3 december 2019

  • Improved communications module for logs and controls
  • Increased internet timeout to 30 seconds

Android Version 0.2.38 Release – 22 november 2019

  • Added cancel button to route control
  • Improved interface presentation

Android Version 0.2.37 Release – 18 november 2019

  • Persist service removed due to Android version 10
  • Exit app menu option removed
  • Enhanced information exchange with server, smartphone information upload
  • Updated some software pakages and plug-ins
  • GPS enhancements
    • GPS status shows OFF when GPS access is disabled
    • Error message when the app starts up with GPS OFF
    • If the GPS signal is lost for more than 5 minutes, the user will be prompted for restart of the app. This is necessary for some Huawei phones.
  • Text “inactive” removed

Android Version 0.2.36  Release –  11 september 2019

  • Bugfix for non-responsive but seemingly active internet connection
  • Rally always set to active when passing a RC

Android Version 0.2.35  Release –  9 september 2019

  • Added settings page
  • RC’s are sent to the server only once
  • The Start RC is sent to the server immediately
  • Countdown timer added to show how much time is left to save an RC
  • No GPS icon replaced bij text and is red when no GPS
  • Rallies are displayed alphabetically in the list
  • Bug Fixes

Android Version 0.2.34  Release – 31 juli 2019

  • New design
  • Improved support of active rally
  • Bug Fixes

Version 0.2.30  Release – 1 july 2019

  • Updated user experience, route control appearance changed
  • Colours indicate different type of route controls
  • Menu moved to top left
  • Menu experience updated to best practice for Android phones
  • Improved log-in screen
  • Forgot password option added
  • Improved robustness to save information when the app is closed or phone is shut down during a rally
  • GPS icon at the bottom of the screen updated
  • Compass icon updated to include the driving direction in text

Version 0.2.26  Release – 26 april 2019

  • Standard maximum volume when a RC is detected
  • The sound is three times longer than normal and the Rallycheck app has it’s own sound
  • Added a check for newer version, if there is a newer version available, the app must be updated.

Version 0.2.24  Release – 28 march 2019

  • Logged positions are sent to the server every 3 minutes
  • A backup of RC’s is sent to the server every 3 minutes
  • Fix of database upgrade error when upgrading from release 0.2.22 to 0.2.23.

Version 0.2.23  Release – 27 march 2019

  • Logging of position implemented
  • All logged positions are sent to the server
  • Updated some pages for better user experience and consistency
  • Control card is sent per email, including a link to a map view of the route that was driven.

Version 0.2.22  Release – 25 march 2019

  • Instruction function added.

Version 0.2.21  Release – 22 march 2019

  • Showspeed function added
  • Showtime function added
  • TimeToSave function added
  • Email with control card sent to user after passing Finish control.

Version 0.2.18  Release – 20 march 2019

  • RC’s are saved in a database on the smartphone
  • Communication with theRallycheck server is validated at the user lever
  • Finish control added
  • The database on the smartphone is encrypted
  • The app can automatically load a route file without the need for selection of the route by the user
  • Bug fix create account function
  • All recorded RC’s are sent to the Rallycheck server after Finish has been confirmed.

Version 0.2.17  Release – 25 February 2019

  • Added some validations for phone number input
  • Added some validations for email input
  • Added some validations for password input
  • Minor lay-out changes.

Version 0.2 Release – 22 February 2019

  • Added mandatory user login and verification of account
  • Username shown in top right of screen
  • Removed “distance to point” menu option
  • Added version number to login screen
  • Added crash logging software for better support.

Test Release – 13 February 2019

  • Updated user interface for saving RC’s. No discard button, only save button
  • RC’s must saved within 60 seconds or they are automatically discarded
  • RC’s with “automatic save” option are saved within 10 seconds.

Test Release – 8 February 2019

  • Preliminary changes for multi-language support implemented, now all text in the app is in English
  • Fixed multiple display of RC’s when app has been loaded multiple times
  • Fixed initial loading of RC’s after update of app version
  • Added a database management system to the app.

Test Release – 18 January 2019

  • added route controls which will be saved automatically. The driver/navigator can not chose, the RC will be saved. In the future this can be used foor speed check of time control
  • added timer bar and function for auto save route controls, control is in view for 10 seconds
  • added automatic scrolling function. Most recent route controls are shown on screen
  • fixed issue with loading new version of app when route controls are in view
  • maximum time in which a route control is shown has been limited to the moment that the next route control is passed.

Test Release – 11 January 2019

  • added proximity per waypoint/route control, you can now define the radius around the route control. The route control will only be “seen” by the app within this radius.  The radius may differ per route control. Default 45 meters
  • updated compass icon for better visibility of the direction the car is driving in
  • the “oranje” route control sign stays in view until a choice is made to either save or discard the RC
  • updated many system internals.

Test Release – 28 December 2018

  • added GPS compass in the footer
  • added GPS error margin in meters. This is show in the footer area if a signal is available
  • security updates – fase 1:
    • all communication is encrypted (SSL)
    • access to server info only possible with extra (second) encryption key
    • GPX files no longer in use to prevent possible unintended download of waypoints
    • using proprietary file format and communication for GPS waypoints.

Test Release – 24 December 2018
– resolved error (crash) for older versions of Android OS
– time function works without GPS
– improved GPS active/inactive signal with timer
– fixed bug so RC’s can be revisited multiple times.

Test Release – 13 December 2018
– added functionality to support multiple simultaneous rally’s.

Test Release – 7 December 2018
– header changed to show username and loaded GPX file
– footer changed to show speed, GPS availability and GPS time
– layout RC section changed to show more RC’s.

Version release portal

The Rallycheck portal is a webbased environment that enables rally organisations to configure and manage rallies.
This page shows all the current and previous releases of the portal.
The rallyportal is available for rally organisations at

Version 1.7.5 Release – 23 october 2020

  • Bug Fix – display of old route controls when driven route has been archived

Version 1.7.4 Release – 21 october 2020

  • Added – Norm Bogey Time (NBT) for speed tests added to route controls
  • Added – specification of the speed penalty calculation

Version 1.7.3 Release – 19 october 2020

  • Added – TC-START time control for use at the scheduled start of a stage

Version 1.7.2 Release – 14 october 2020

  • Updated – calculation module

Version 1.7.1 Release – 12 october 2020

  • Added – registration page for the Rallycheck Management Portal
  • Updated – calculation module, options added including help function

Version 1.7.0 Release – 5 october 2020

  • Improved – starting list default selection of Class

Version 1.6.9 Release – 5 october 2020

  • Added – calculation module, first version

Version 1.6.8 Release – 1 october 2020

  • Added – starting list function, first version

Version 1.6.7 Release – 24 september 2020

  • Added – Lap Consistency (LC) control
  • Added – Lap Consistency definition of penalties on the “Penalty points” tab of the “Edit Rally” page
  • Added – Speed check bogey time definition of penalties on the “Penalty points” tab of the “Edit Rally” page

Version 1.6.6 Release – 23  september 2020

  • Added – on the “Edit rally”, “Results Calculation” tab the option to enable viewing of missed Passage and Time Controls on the Participants results page, this option is on by default
  • Added – rally officials can be labeled as “Course Car” in the Participants list. This ensures a different billing

Version 1.6.5 Release – 14 august 2020

  • Added – extra information when adding a Start or Finish control to a participants Control Card on the Overview page
  • Added – extra logging of adding and deleting of controls on the participants Control Card
  • Added – viewing of the log bij admin user
  • Improved – selection of a rally on the Overview pagine

Version 1.6.4 Release – 13 august 2020

  • Added – save phone type and OS when registering new account
  • Bug fix – save of TC-IN time on results calculation page

Version 1.6.3 Release – 11 august 2020

  • Added – management of calculation providers
  • Added – calculation provider database
  • Updated – communication with calculation provider

Version 1.6.2 Release – 5 august 2020

  • Added – File Management module
  • Removed – old explanation document upload

Version 1.6.0 Release – 27 july 2020

  • Added – display of missed controls on the road map on the Results page of a Participant
  • Added – button to show or hide the missed controls
  • Added – display of the bearing of a way point on the road map on the Results page of a Participant

Version 1.5.7 Release – 22 july 2020

  • Improved – use of quotes in the Instruction field of a control
  • Improved – use of quotes in the Explanation field of a control
  • Added – translation of phone type to commercial phone name
  • Added – Rallycheck usage history per participant (for admin)
  • Improved – emptying of Instruction field of a control
  • Improved – emptying of Explanation field of a control
  • Added – support of browsers on handheld devices for adding Participants

Version 1.5.6 Release – 17 july 2020

  • Added – Total Results print page displays the rally class
  • Improved – improved Total Results print layout and online Total Results is more responsive to scaling

Version 1.5.5 Release – 16 july 2020

  • Added – Upgraded invoicing module with usage reports for organizations
  • Added – Language setting for organization

Version 1.5.4 Release – 14 july 2020

  • Added – standard selection of date, competitors sorting and handling of multiple starts in invoicing module

Version 1.5.3 Release – 13 july 2020

  • Improved – management of organisations in the invoicing module
  • Added – GUI for linking rallies to rally organizations

Version 1.5.1 Release – 9 july 2020

  • Added – jump menu to user rally results page

Version 1.5.0 Release – 6 july 2020

  • Improved – interface with calculation module

Version 1.4.9 Release – 3 july 2020

  • Updated – Display of Class in the start rally email to organizers
  • Improved- linking rallies to organizations in the invoicing module

Version 1.4.8 Release – 1 july 2020

  • Improved – Hardening of synchronisation protocol between app and server
  • Added – Exception logging of synchronisation protocol
  • Added – Rally organisation and calculation of use for invoicing
  • Added – Mini Mother Card on results page next to actual controls
  • Added – Link to online controle card in email always set, even if start is missed
  • Updated – Layout of start email for organisation

Version 1.4.7 Release – 22 june 2020

  • Added – Download GPX option per Leg/Stage/Class on “Edit Route” page

Version 1.4.6 Release – 19 june 2020

  • Added- on the “Edit Rally” page, tab “Penalty Points” regularity time penalties can now be defined to two decimal points
  • Improved – the roadmap on the the “Edit Route” page zooms out less often, this creates a more sttable interface
  • Improved- a pop up message is shown on the “Edit Route” page if you leave this page and there are still updates pending
  • Improved- the “Update route” button on the “Edit Route” page now has two colours depending on the state of the page. If there are no changes, the button will be greyed, if changes are pending, the button will be green
  • Bug-fix – when uploading a GPX file, the “Bearing” option is processed correctly, even when other bearing variables are set

Version 1.4.5 Release – 16 june 2020

  • Added – Tripmaster option per class in “Edit Rally”, “Classes” tab

Version 1.4.4 Release – 10 june 2020

  • Added – reporting module in order to create invoices
  • Improved https support on overview page
  • Update – “Total Results” page for improved sorting of results
  • Update – Results calculation uses correct UTC time

Version 1.4.3 Release – 9 june 2020

  • Bug-fix – Function to resend email to a participant at a later date, the link in the mail to the control card and driven route fixed
  • Results immediately visible for users option added in the “Edit Rally” menu “Results calculation” settings tab
  • Update – Mail message after passing a Finish control to be sent if the participant is the organizer and is not included in a rally class

Version 1.4.2 Release – 3 june 2020

  • Mail Control Card to Participants  option added in the “Edit Rally” menu “General” settings tab
  • When Mail Control Card to Participants is disabled, the “Resend mail” button is unavailable on the results page
  • Bug fix – Resolved issue when saving waypoints and a rally name contains special characters
  • Update – Overview page shows active rally stages of the last two days (default) and can be overridden
  • Update – Overview page performance enhanced
  • Improved handling of “Delete” function of a Stage

Version 1.4.1 Release – 12 may 2020

  • Update “Results” page for organizers to better view  Legs and Stages
  • Remove temporary message for development phase of Legs and Stages
  • Remove former Stage settings from “Edit Rally” page

Version 1.4.0 Release – 12 may 2020

  • Update for support Legs and Stages for rallies consisting of multiple days and multiple stages

Version 1.3.2 Release – 6 may 2020

  • Map switcher to support satellite view
  • Javascript improvements for Bearing values
  • XSS injection fix for some input fields

Version 1.3.1 Release – 4 may 2020

  • Bug-fix for upload of GPX file

Version 1.3.0 Release – 16 april 2020

  • Disabled constraint for using only one browser tab for Rallycheck

Version 1.2.9 Release – 10 april 2020

  • Added organizers information to the list of rallies

Version 1.2.8 Release – 2 april 2020

  • Hosting a number of software components ourselves in order to reduce dependency on CDN systems (momentjs, moment timezone, jqueryui)
  • Legs, stages and sessions table added to the database
  • Legs & stages tab added to “Edit Rally” page
  • When creating a rally, a default leg and stage will automatically be included
  • Rallycheck can only be opened in one browser tab in order to prevent conflicts when simultaneously editing multiple rallies

Version 1.2.7 Release – 16 march 2020

  • Class is a required field when creating a Participant
  • Rally results overview is only 1 table
  • Rally results overview shows the last saved route control
  • Total results can be filtered per Class
  • Total results shows the actual score, not the number of missed controls
  • Updated email templates for Class and Starting no.
  • Fix voor results chart on settings page
  • Fix voor reading result log

Version 1.2.6 Release – 3 march 2020

  • Mother Control Card supports multiple rally Classes
  • Route Control can be created with the selection of the relevant Class
  • Route Control can be added to, or removed from a Class
  • Participants, linked to a Class, receive the relevant controls for their Class in the Rallycheck app
  • Participants, not linked to a Class, receive all controls of the stage in the Rallycheck app
  • Organizers can create their own rallies in the Portal
  • Administrators can select the organizer when creating a rally
  • On the road map, controls can be viewed per Class or all controls of all Classes of the rally can be viewed
  • The road map shows the controls per Class, so colors of the controls can differ, depending on their function
  • When deleting a control the following scenario’s are supported:
    • The control will be deleted if it only occurs once, for only one class
    • The selected version of the control will be deleted if the control occurs multiple times
    • The organizer will be prompted to select the Class(es) in which the control should be deleted, if the control occurs in multiple classes
  • The NovusLeo calculation module has been linked to the Rallycheck portal
  • Support of time penalties when calculating results

Version 1.2.5 Release – 20 february 2020 

  • Added Classes to some lists and Route Control Cards

Version 1.2.4 Release – 19 february 2020 

  • Added jump menu on all Rally pages to improve navigation within a rally
  • Improved colors of Route controls on Route Control Card in Overview and results screens
  • Improveds roundslider when editiing bearing of a route control
  • Added Classes to a rally (phase 1)
    • When creating a rally, it automatically has one class, called “Touring”
    • On the “Edit Rally” page each rally has a tab for management of classes
      • Create, view, edit and delete classes
      • Last class can not be deleted
      • List of classes can be ordered
      • Classes with active participants can not be deleted
  • Participants can be added to a Class on the “Participant” pages
  • When uploading Participants, the class in the upload file is selected for the participant (if the class is defined in the portal)

Version 1.2.3 Release – 13 february 2020

  • Added bearing (driving direction) to the passage and time controls
  • Improved user interface for editing Waypoint
  • Improved layout when printing results from Firefox and Safari browsers
  • Bug fix for date selection on results page in Safari browser
  • Overview page shows starting number (op de road map), if there is no starting number, a user id will be shown
  • Overview page, user tab is sorted bij starting number
  • Overview –> User Rally page has improved interface for double controls
  • Overview –> User Rally page has the same interface as the Edit Route page
  • Rally –> User Result page has improved interface for double controls
  • Rally –> User Result has the same interface as the Edit Route page
  • Fixed date issue when selecting a start or finish date/time for a rally

Version 1.2.2b Release – 6 februari 2020

  • Bug fix concerning the repositioning of a waypoint on the road map that has multiple occurrences on the mother card

Version 1.2.2a Release – 5 february 2020

  • Improved upload of media files on Edit Rally page

Version 1.2.2 Release – 28 january 2020

  • Added option for use of participants list to all rallies (mandatory option)
  • Added option for visibility of a rally in the app only on specified rally days (mandatory option)

Version 1.2.1 Release – 21 january 2020

  • Improved penalty points options for TC-IN
  • Added Multi Language support for email messages

Version 1.2.0 Release – 16 january 2020

  • Added TC-IN and TC-FINISH controls
  • Added English / Dutch support of email messages for rally participants and organisations
  • Updated “Edit Rally” page with the following setting tabs:
    • General
    • Media
    • Penalty points
    • Results calculation
  • Added menu item “Settings” for administrators with
    • statistics of use
    • logging information
  • Improved security of the Portal environment

Version 1.1.0-1 Release – 24 december 2019

  • Improved display of  time without GPS signal on overview page
  • Improved display of competitor names on overview page

Version 1.1.0 Release – 23 december 2019

  • Time Control (TC) added, including Norm PAssage TIme (NPT)
  • Added Norm Regularity Time (NRT)
  • Added Norm Speed (NS) for speed controls
  • Updated user interface for passage controls on the roadmap
  • Colour coding of controls that are used in more than one instance on the mother card. This is shown when the passage controls have multiple meanings (good, false, neutral)
  • Updated date selection on participants page
  • Upload of participants displays an improved message
  • Browser storage cleared at login/logout

Versie 1.0.4 Release –  december 2019

  • Technical updates and improvements

Versie 1.0.3 Release –  december 2019

  • Improved security of the portal

Version 1.0.2 Release – 2 december 2019

  • New header in result & overview detail screen.
  • Fixed calculation of GPS availability in detail screens
  • Improved adding start/finish waypoint on driven rallies
  • Improve loading times
  • Create stages for users who miss Start-RC
  • Show times in timezone of user (detail screens & e-mail link to user)

Version 1.0.1 Release – 22 november 2019

  • Added a number of functions
    • Results
    • Participants
    • Mothercard
    • Exports
    • Imports
  • enhanced security

Version 1.0.0 Release – August 2019

First release

Version release

The Rallycheck results page is the site where a competitor can see the results and explanation of the rally.The site will be updated in the near future as a comprehensive results site for all Rallycheck rallies.
This page shows all the current and previous releases of the results site.

Version 1.0.10 Release – 19 october 2020

  • Improved – handling of quotes in text fields

Version 1.0.9 Release – 24 september 2020

  • Added – updated text for speed penalty explanation
  • Improved – neutral time controls have an adjusted colour
  • Improved – language support of hide/show control botton

Version 1.0.8 Release – 23 september 2020

  • Added – viewing of missed Passage and Time controls on the road map of the Praticipants Results page
  • Removed – black/red/blue display of extra information for controls that are used more than once

Version 1.0.7 Release – 25 august 2020

  • Updated – improved route control card display

Version 1.0.1 Release – 24 august 2020

  • Added – phone information
  • Added – GPS accuracy information
  • Added – results information (if available)
  • Added – route control card
  • Added – driven route on the roadmap
  • Added – Legs, Stages and Classes are only shown when relevant
  • Added – start and finish time of the stage are always shown

Version 1.0.0 Release – 5 augustus 2020

  • Initial version of the results page, available to competitors via an email link after completing a rally stage

Version release Rallycheck WordPress plugin

The Rallycheck WordPress plugin is available for rally websites. With this plugin you will be able to connect your Website the the Rallycheck environment.
This page shows all the current and previous releases of the plugin.

To be released soon.