Route check in GPX

Rallycheck uses GPS waypoints to check your rally route.

This part is not really that new. There are a number of systems that use GPS trackers to track a route. Most GPS trackers do not give “feedback” to the contestants while they are driving. They can drive all day and never know if they are following the intended route. Rallycheck changes all this.

So why use Rallycheck?

The Rallycheck interactive experience is what makes Rallycheck great to use.

The big advantage of Rallycheck is that the contestant actually sees if he has passed a route check (gps waypoint) on the screen of his or her smartphone. The contestant can then decide to save the route check which is then digitally recorded. In addition there are many more advantages.

As a rally organizer:

  • you no langer have to place all the route checks on the side of the road.
  • you no longer have to pick up the route checks after the last contestant has passed.
  • you no longer “lose” route checks
  • all recorded route checks are recorded digitally which makes calculating the results far simpler.
  • etc.

As a contestant:

  • you never mis a route check because you just didn’t see it
  • you never write down route check that don’t exist (for instance an O instead of a Q)
  • a route check is allways at the specified location, they no longer dissapear halfway during the rally.
  • your competition can’t “help” each other by sharing information of which route checks you have to record. With Rallycheck you have to pass the location of the waypoint in order to be able to record the route check. The rally is more fair.