Email verification failed!

Verification of your email address for your Rallycheck account has failed.

This screen may be shown if your email address has been verified previously. You cannot verify a previously verified email address for a second time.

To fully activate your Rallycheck account you must verify both your email and your  phone number.

  1. Your email verification is completed when you see the screen with “Email verification successful”.
  2. Your phone number verification is completed when you enter the authorisation code in the Rallycheck app. The authorisation code has been sent to you as a Text Message (SMS).

Rallycheck needs this information in order to connect you to a starting list of a rally. This information is also used to reconcile the route controls which you have passed to your account. This is then used for the classification of rally results.

The Rallycheck app may ask you to validate your account, please follow the instructions in the app.

Thank you for using Rallycheck!

Rallycheck Team