Rallycheck create account screen

Rallycheck available in Google Play Store

Starting today the Rallycheck app is generally available in the Google Play Store.

When using the app for the first time, you will be asked to create an account.  With your account information we can connect you to a rally. We can also reconcile the detected route controls to a rally in order to calculate results and create a classification. Please take the time to verify your phone number and email address!

The Rallycheck app will continue to improve and new releases are published on a regular basis. Please make sure you always have a recent version of the app on your smartphone.


We are also developing the iPhone version of Rallycheck. We expect to publish the iOS version shortly.

Rallycheck gpxx definitie

Rallycheck GPX extensions published

Rallycheck has published GPX extensions for software developers that want to connect to our system. The GPX extensions create extra functionality for the route controls. This gives us the opoertunity to add all types of new features to the Rallycheck app.

New fatures are (for examples) Speed checks, Ex-aequo time controls, instructions for the equipe etc. etc.

Bunnik Try-out

West-Friesland Sporting

Rallycheck user manual online

The Rallycheck user manual is online. This is the first version of the user manual. At the moment is is only available in the dutch language. We will translate the manual shortly.