Rallycheck IPhone in Store now

Rallycheck voor iPhone on the App Store

On August 15 2019 we released the iPhone version of the Rallycheck app. Clik on the link to download the app now! The Rallycheck app was already available for Android and with the new addition of the iPhone version of the app our Rallycheck system now available for all your rallies. The iPone version of […]

Rallycheck portal

Rallycheck Portal live!

The Rallycheck Portal for rally organizations is available .

Rally organizations can use the portal to place route controls on a roadmap. You can add all types of attributes t the control, time controls etc. etc.

In the portal you can also follow all competitors in  “near real time”mode. you will know exactly where everyone is! You can als see the current control card with all the passage controls and time controls that the competitor has visited.

We also support online calculation of the results.

This is a big step in the development of the Rallycheck app. We are very proud to present the portal!

If you are a rally organization, and are interested in our product, do not hesitate to contact us at rallycheck@isource.nl