Rallycheck delete last Control

Delete last Passage Control

Competitors can now chose to delete the last Passage Control in the Rallycheck app.

This may be useful in the event you have made a mistake and want to correct this. After deleting the last passage control, you can also delete the previous control, which has just become the last passage control. You can see if a Passage Control can be  deleted when there is a waste bin icon at the bottom left hand corner of the Passage Control on the control card in the Rallycheck app.

It is not possible to delete Time Controls, Speed Checks and Hidden Time Controls.

Information for rally organizers:

As a rally organization you can decide if this option is available to participants of the rally. You can enable this option per rally Class in the Rallycheck Management Portal.
You can also prevent the deletion of a control by marking it as a Direct Save control (for speed and time checks). These controls, and Time Controls, can not be deleted by the Participants.

Quit Zone speed

Quiet Zone speed checks

Rallycheck has added an innovative new feature to the app: Quiet Zones

A Quiet Zone is a portion of the route where participants must drive slowly in order to not disturb the surroundings. This can be a small village, a farm or some other situation where it is warranted to make sure the participants drive slowly.

When entering a Quiet Zone, the participants receive a message on the screen. In the Rallycheck app, the Quiet Zone speed limit is displayed. The current speed of the competitor is also visible.

Quiet Zone, max speed 30k ph actual speed 28 kph

Quiet Zone, max speed 30 kph actual speed 28 kph


When driving over the Quiet Zone speed limit, a warning is show on the screen. For the first 5% over the speed limit the actual speed blinks orange.

Quiet Zone, max speed 30 kph actual speed 32 kph

Quiet Zone, max speed 30 kph actual speed 32 kph


When driving more than 5% to fast in a quiet zone, the actual speed blinks red.

Quiet Zone, max speed 30 kph actual speed 36 kph

Quiet Zone, max speed 30 kph actual speed 36 kph


Speed penalties

If a participants exceeds the speed limit by more than 10% during a continuous period of 5 seconds or more, a speed penalty will be incurred. The calculation of the speed penalty depends on the chosen type of penalty and can be set by the rally organization.


Information for rally organizers:

There are two new Control types,

QZ-ENTRY  where a quiet zone speed can be defined.
QZ-EXIT      the end of a quiet zone.

A rally organizer can set up multiple QZ-ENTRY controls in succession, thus enabling the change of the maximum allowed quiet zone speed limit per section of a quiet zone.

The end of a quiet zone is marked by the QZ-EXIT control.

In order to prevent participants remaining in the quiet zone indefinitely (when they have missed the QZ-Exit), a rally organization can also set the maximum time for the quiet zone. After a set amount of time, the quiet zone automatically ends.

Rallycheck extra menu in app v2

Rallycheck extra menu

Rallycheck app updated with four new menu options. Rally organizations can now add important information about a rally to the app. we support:


General information about the rally including contact information, rally schedule and rally locations.


A participants list , per rally class.

Starting list:

The starting list per Leg / Stage /Class of a rally.


Soon to be published, in-app results for individual rallies and rallies with a total results list.


Rallycheck organizers can optionally decide to use this new menu and can enable/disable each of the desired menu options in the app. The settings can be edited in the Rallycheck Management Portal.


The extra menu is only visible in the portrait orientation of the Android and iPhone app. This behavior is intentional.

Road book shop online

Today we launched the “Road book shop”.

This is a online shop where you can order your road books to drive a rally whenever you want. You can do this by yourself, or in groups. Some rallies are made available by us for free, and some are paid rallies.

So how does it work?

  1. Select your rally in the shop
  2. In all cases you will receive a link to the road book that belongs to the ordered rally.
  3. Print the Road book
  4. Then drive the rally at your convenience
  5. When driving the rally, make sure you have the Rallycheck app active on your dashboard. Each passage control, time controle or other route control will be shown on screen. You decide if you want to save the control
  6. When you pass the finish of the rally you will receive a copy of the route control card and an explanation of the rally, including a map with the correct route and all the correct route controls.

Start using our rallies and have fun!
Go to the shop

Rallycheck TC Screenshot

Rallycheck time control

Time controls (TC) will be available in Rallycheck very soon.

How does it work?

An equipe drives to a TC. The location of the TC is in the road book, just as it is now. The equipe also knows what time they have to be at the TC. So the IPT (ideal passage time) is known to the equipe.

We define a TC zone in Rallycheck. The organizer of the rally can define that. For example a radius of 100 meters around the TC point. This enables a number of cars to wait in the TC zone for their IPT!

When you arrive at the TC zone, the TC is shown on screen of the Rallycheck app. See the example below for TC 54.

Rallycheck TC Screenshot

The current time is displayed.

The equipe waits for the IPT to be reached and then clicks on “CLICK TO SAVE”. The TC is saved and the time is recorded.

Recording the time too early or too late can result in possible penalty points. Rallycheck only records the time. Rallycheck does not know what the IPT of the participant is, it is the responsibility of the participant to get the time right!

If the equipe leaves the TC zone (without saving), the TC is no longer shown in Rallycheck. You will have to go back to the TC zone if you want to save it on your control card.

Rallycheck uses the official GPS time so that the recorded time cannot be manipulated.

Rallycheck new version

New Rallycheck app version

The newest version of the Rallycheck app is available on the app stores!

This week we launched the newest version of our Rallycheck app’s  on the Apple app store and Google play store.

The app has been improved in an number of ways. There have been many improvements in the technology of the app. We have improved support for iOS 13 an Android 10.  We have also updated the GPS module and the communications module in the app.

When starting the app, you will be asked to update to the newest version. Please update to use the app.
More information is available at: https://rallycheck.com/version-releases/

Rallycheck IPhone in Store now

Rallycheck voor iPhone on the App Store

On August 15 2019 we released the iPhone version of the Rallycheck app. Clik on the link to download the app now! The Rallycheck app was already available for Android and with the new addition of the iPhone version of the app our Rallycheck system now available for all your rallies. The iPone version of […]

Rallycheck portal

Rallycheck Portal live!

The Rallycheck Portal for rally organizations is available .

Rally organizations can use the portal to place route controls on a roadmap. You can add all types of attributes t the control, time controls etc. etc.

In the portal you can also follow all competitors in  “near real time”mode. you will know exactly where everyone is! You can als see the current control card with all the passage controls and time controls that the competitor has visited.

We also support online calculation of the results.

This is a big step in the development of the Rallycheck app. We are very proud to present the portal!

If you are a rally organization, and are interested in our product, do not hesitate to contact us at rallycheck@isource.nl

Rallycheck create account screen

Rallycheck available in Google Play Store

Starting today the Rallycheck app is generally available in the Google Play Store.

When using the app for the first time, you will be asked to create an account.  With your account information we can connect you to a rally. We can also reconcile the detected route controls to a rally in order to calculate results and create a classification. Please take the time to verify your phone number and email address!

The Rallycheck app will continue to improve and new releases are published on a regular basis. Please make sure you always have a recent version of the app on your smartphone.


We are also developing the iPhone version of Rallycheck. We expect to publish the iOS version shortly.

Rallycheck gpxx definitie

Rallycheck GPX extensions published

Rallycheck has published GPX extensions for software developers that want to connect to our system. The GPX extensions create extra functionality for the route controls. This gives us the opoertunity to add all types of new features to the Rallycheck app.

New fatures are (for examples) Speed checks, Ex-aequo time controls, instructions for the equipe etc. etc.