Road book shop online

Today we launched the “Road book shop”.

This is a online shop where you can order your road books to drive a rally whenever you want. You can do this by yourself, or in groups. Some rallies are made available by us for free, and some are paid rallies.

So how does it work?

  1. Select your rally in the shop
  2. In all cases you will receive a link to the road book that belongs to the ordered rally.
  3. Print the Road book
  4. Then drive the rally at your convenience
  5. When driving the rally, make sure you have the Rallycheck app active on your dashboard. Each passage control, time controle or other route control will be shown on screen. You decide if you want to save the control
  6. When you pass the finish of the rally you will receive a copy of the route control card and an explanation of the rally, including a map with the correct route and all the correct route controls.

Start using our rallies and have fun!
Go to the shop