Rallycheck TC Screenshot

Rallycheck time control

Time controls (TC) will be available in Rallycheck very soon.

How does it work?

An equipe drives to a TC. The location of the TC is in the road book, just as it is now. The equipe also knows what time they have to be at the TC. So the IPT (ideal passage time) is known to the equipe.

We define a TC zone in Rallycheck. The organizer of the rally can define that. For example a radius of 100 meters around the TC point. This enables a number of cars to wait in the TC zone for their IPT!

When you arrive at the TC zone, the TC is shown on screen of the Rallycheck app. See the example below for TC 54.

Rallycheck TC Screenshot

The current time is displayed.

The equipe waits for the IPT to be reached and then clicks on “CLICK TO SAVE”. The TC is saved and the time is recorded.

Recording the time too early or too late can result in possible penalty points. Rallycheck only records the time. Rallycheck does not know what the IPT of the participant is, it is the responsibility of the participant to get the time right!

If the equipe leaves the TC zone (without saving), the TC is no longer shown in Rallycheck. You will have to go back to the TC zone if you want to save it on your control card.

Rallycheck uses the official GPS time so that the recorded time cannot be manipulated.