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Delete last Passage Control

Competitors can now chose to delete the last Passage Control in the Rallycheck app. This may be useful in the event you have made a mistake and want to correct this. After deleting the last passage control, you can also delete the previous control, which has just become the last passage control. You can see […]

Quiet Zone speed checks

Rallycheck has added an innovative new feature to the app: Quiet Zones A Quiet Zone is a portion of the route where participants must drive slowly in order to not disturb the surroundings. This can be a small village, a farm or some other situation where it is warranted to make sure the participants drive […]

Rallycheck extra menu

Rallycheck app updated with four new menu options. Rally organizations can now add important information about a rally to the app. we support: Info: General information about the rally including contact information, rally schedule and rally locations. Participants: A participants list , per rally class. Starting list: The starting list per Leg / Stage /Class […]

Road book shop online

Today we launched the “Road book shop”. This is a online shop where you can order your road books to drive a rally whenever you want. You can do this by yourself, or in groups. Some rallies are made available by us for free, and some are paid rallies. So how does it work? Select your […]

Rallycheck time control

Time controls (TC) will be available in Rallycheck very soon. How does it work? An equipe drives to a TC. The location of the TC is in the road book, just as it is now. The equipe also knows what time they have to be at the TC. So the IPT (ideal passage time) is […]

New Rallycheck app version

The newest version of the Rallycheck app is available on the app stores! This week we launched the newest version of our Rallycheck app’s  on the Apple app store and Google play store. The app has been improved in an number of ways. There have been many improvements in the technology of the app. We […]

Rallycheck voor iPhone on the App Store

On August 15 2019 we released the iPhone version of the Rallycheck app. Clik on the link to download the app now! The Rallycheck app was already available for Android and with the new addition of the iPhone version of the app our Rallycheck system now available for all your rallies. The iPone version of […]

Rallycheck Portal live!

The Rallycheck Portal for rally organizations is available . https://my.rallycheck.com Rally organizations can use the portal to place route controls on a roadmap. You can add all types of attributes t the control, time controls etc. etc. In the portal you can also follow all competitors in  “near real time”mode. you will know exactly where […]

iPhone versie Rallycheck in testfase

De iPhone versie van de Rallycheck app wordt momenteel getest. We willen zo snel mogelijk de iPhone versie in de Apple App Store beschikbaar stellen. uiteraard doen we dat pas na uitgebreid testen en controle van de werking. De iPhone versie werkt goed, dat zijn de bevindingen na de eerste tests. De test periode zal […]