Rallycheck delete last Control

Delete last Passage Control

Competitors can now chose to delete the last Passage Control in the Rallycheck app.

This may be useful in the event you have made a mistake and want to correct this. After deleting the last passage control, you can also delete the previous control, which has just become the last passage control. You can see if a Passage Control can be  deleted when there is a waste bin icon at the bottom left hand corner of the Passage Control on the control card in the Rallycheck app.

It is not possible to delete Time Controls, Speed Checks and Hidden Time Controls.

Information for rally organizers:

As a rally organization you can decide if this option is available to participants of the rally. You can enable this option per rally Class in the Rallycheck Management Portal.
You can also prevent the deletion of a control by marking it as a Direct Save control (for speed and time checks). These controls, and Time Controls, can not be deleted by the Participants.