Ronde van Boxtel


This route starts in Vught en goes through the beautiful countryside. A nice drive for two in the Noord-Brabant province.

  • Starting location

    IJM Strandhuys
    Boslaan 49
    5263 NX Vught

  • Difficulty

    Between Touring and Sporting class

  • Time

    Approximately 5 hours

  • Distance

    Approximately 185 Kilometers

  • System

    Arrows shortest route, Points with free route, Printed line with barricades

  • Created by

    Maarten van Lith, Dutch Rally Events

Once you have installed Rallycheck on your smartphone, you can order and download a rally. Print the road book and drive the route at your convenience.

Below is an (partial) map of the route. The road book includes all the information needed to enjoy the route!

Ronde van Boxtel v2